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The 2017 Smile4Wessex...

The 2017 Smile4Wessex Gala Dinner
We are delighted to announce that the 13th Annual Smile4Wessex Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday 14th October 2017 at what is without question one of the most prestigious venues in Hampshire.   The fabulous Hampshire...

Pre-Order Your Smile4Wessex...

Pre-Order Your Smile4Wessex Christmas Cards by 20th October
It's almost that time of year again, and thanks to the lovely people at 'Design and the Bear' we can offer Smile4Wessex Christmas Cards for ther first time in several years. These lovely cards come in packs of 12 (6 of each...

Brave febBRAINairy volunteers...

Brave febBRAINairy volunteers raise over £11,000
A total of 11 brave souls volunteered to have their heads shaved for our inaugural 'febBRAINairy' fundraising event, collectively raising a quite incredible £11,182 for Smile4Wessex. Throughout February (and into March),...

Linda’s Life Turns Full...

Linda’s Life Turns Full (Epileptic) Circle!
When Linda Littlechild, then 38, was first diagnosed with Epilepsy it was not only a daunting time for her, but the whole Littlechild family. It was also the beginning of a difficult and sometimes frightening journey, but one which...

'Wall of Smiles' Launched

'Wall of Smiles' Launched
We are delighted to announce details of the Smile4Wessex 'Wall of Smiles'. For the full story of this new initiative please click Wall of Smiles  

You Smile, We Smile,...

You Smile, We Smile, They Smile - Promo Video Launched
We're delighted to reveal the new promotional video about Smile4Wessex - You Smile, We Smile, They Smile.  You may find it moving, emotional, uplifting, inspirational, or a combination of all those things, but we hope...

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febBRAINairy - Nick Ward reveals all!

Nick Ward had no hesitation in volunteering to have his head shaved for febBRAINairy, and was the first to brave the razor. But for Nick, it wasn't just a bald head that he'd be revealing, but something he'd never seen before - despite it having been there for over 45 years! We'll leave it to Nick to explain

"Exactly why did I shave my hair off on 1st February? Well, apart from wanting to support Smile4Wessex, I had never seen the scar left by life saving brain surgery back in 1971.

"I never forget that had The Wessex Neurological Centre’s surgeons not taken prompt action and operated I may well have died. It is as simple as that. It could have happened to anyone. Back then I was a just a 15 year old, strong and fit as a result of dinghy sailing and hockey. 

"The brain is complex, a delicate organ protected by an incredibly robust armoury. However, had it not been for the skills of Mr John Garfield and Glenn Neil-Dwyer who had the spunk and guts to drill five holes in my head, enabling them to remove damaged veins in my temporal parietal lobe, then I would not have gone on to recover, walk again, meet my wife, and enjoy the love of our two, wonderful children."

And as the before, during and after images above show, Nick's finally able to see the scar that bears witness to that surgery, and his newly bald pate is a sign of his latest fundraising effort in aid of the charity.

"I carry my scar with pride" adds Nick, and if you'd like to add your support you can do so by clicking HERE. Many thanks to Nick, and all those who are having their heads shaved for febBRAINairy.