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Ross Fripp's Cycling...

Ross Fripp's Cycling Challenge
Ross was a fit and healthy 24 year old when he became sick in November 2014. Suspecting it was just something he'd eaten, he carried on life as normal, but the sickness continued and gradually he developed further symptoms. Following...

Spreading a Little Christmas...

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer
We're starting to feel a little festive here in the Smile4Wessex Appeals Office with the arrival of our 2018 Christmas Cards and we are really excited to be able to share them with you.  This year we have chosen not just...

Judith and Jeremy's Race...

Judith and Jeremy's Race to the King
We had the pleasure of meeting Judith Murray and Jeremy King this week and were thrilled to be able to show them round the unit, so they could see the projects we have funded from our past appeals and hear about our current...

Ella's Chop for Charity...

Ella's Chop for Charity
12 year old Ella Ashford is preparing to have her gorgeous blonde locks cut off in her fundraising efforts to support Smile4Wessex. This is her own way of thanking the brilliant team here at the Wessex Neurological Centre,...

Waitrose Community Matters

Waitrose Community Matters
If you shop at Waitrose you can nominate Smile4Wessex as your chosen local charity by completing the nomination form found at the Customer Services desk in store. Three good causes receive a share of £1,000...

Smile4Wessex Neuro Open...

Smile4Wessex Neuro Open Day
Our long-awaited Neuro Open Day gave those attending a unique opportunity to see and learn about many of the amazing projects that Smile4Wessex has funded. Following a brief welcome and introduction, visitors were divided...

'Wall of Smiles' Launched

'Wall of Smiles' Launched
We are delighted to announce details of the Smile4Wessex 'Wall of Smiles'. For the full story of this new initiative please click Wall of Smiles  

Bequests & Legacies

When making a Will, most people’s first thought is (quite rightly) to cater for their family and loved ones, but many individuals also choose to make some kind of provision for their favourite charity. Such provisions, known as bequests or legacies, are hugely important to charities and quite often account for a significant amount of their income.

There are several types of bequest, the most common of which are:

Residuary Bequests – This is where the remainder, or a portion of the remainder, of your estate (after all other gifts/legacies have been made, and after payment of all liabilities and expenses) is left to the charity.

Pecuniary Bequests – Probably the most common type of bequest where a specific sum of money is left to the charity

Specific Bequests – Where a particular item or specific goods are left to the charity, such as an item of jewellery or other non-monetary assets.

Contingent Bequests – This is where a gift is made only on condition that particular circumstances or a particular event apply (for example, if another benefactor of your will has passed on prior to yourself).

Of course, we hope it will be many years before the content of your Will is revealed, but if you would like to make provision therein for the Wessex Neurological Centre Trust to benefit then it is really quite simple to do so. If you already have a Will then you can simply ask your solicitor to add a Codicil giving details of the bequest you’d like to make. If you don’t have a Will, then your solicitor will be able to help you to prepare one and advise on how best to make provision for a bequest to the charity. If you would like any further guidance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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