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Purbeck Shooting School Annual Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot 27/07/2019

Purbeck Shooting School Annual Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot
Purbeck Shooting School Annual Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot Purbeck Shooting School Annual Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot Purbeck Shooting School Annual Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot

In April 2018 Karl Elton was preparing to travel to the Netherlands to participate in a clay shooting competition when he noticed numbness and tingling in his left hand, but nothing could have prepared him for what was around the corner.

"At the time I didn't really take much notice of it until we went to Mexico for a couple of weeks and the back of my left leg started to go numb. I had a few blood tests, few appointments with my GP then things slowly got worse as I ended up not being able to swallow food without water, slurred speech, double vision, started to become very tired, falling over because my balance had completely gone and that's just a small list of what was going on!"

At the beginning of October Karl was diagnosed with a fourth ventricular tumour and underwent a suboccipital midline crainotomy. After spending a week in the Wessex Neurological Centre, he was discharged home. 

Just one month following surgery, Karl was keen to see if he could still take part in the sport he loved, as the tumour had affected his vision, and friends picked him up to go clay shooting 

Everything was good, we laughed and joked that the surgeons had improved my ability to shoot!

It is now over six months since Karls surgery, and he has returned to work and shooting. As a thank you for the wonderful care he received at the Wessex Neurological Centre, he and his friends at Purbeck Shooting School are hosting a Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot and Raffle on the 27th July, in aid of Smile4Wessex and the Dorset Air Ambulance. 

This thing stopped me doing what I wanted for a few months but now it's nothing more than a scar on the back of my head, which is my reminder of how lucky I am to have met this great team at Southampton Hospital and the fantastic work they’ve done for me.

To support Karl and read his full story, please visit his online fundraising page HERE



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