The Wessex Neurological
Centre Trust

Charitable Support for the Wessex Neurological Centre

Enhancing the range and quality of patient care and sponsoring pioneering research


Our Mission

We understand that it's important to use the funds we raise wisely, which is why we have a very clear mission statement about the types of project the charity will fund.

We only fund projects which support the work of the Wessex Neurological Centre (WNC) by:

- Improving the quality of care and range of treatments offered to patients of the WNC, or
- Improving the quality of facilities provided at the WNC (for patients, staff and relatives), or
- Facilitating research into neurological conditions that will have a direct bearing on patient care, or further the understanding of such conditions and their future treatment.

But what does that actually mean?

We’re often asked the question, “Shouldn’t equipment and facilities funded by Smile4Wessex in fact be provided by the NHS?” In an ideal world the answer would of course be yes, but in the real world that simply cannot happen as there will always be compromises to make over demands for new technologies, new drugs, and for larger facilities staffed by more doctors and nurses.

It is our clear policy NOT to fund anything that we believe should routinely be the responsibility of the NHS. As one of our trustees puts it, “We’re not here to provide the cake, nor even the icing, we’re here to put the cherry on the top!” In practice, that means that we work closely with clinicians, staff and researchers to identify specific projects that offer tangible and quantifiable benefits that go above and beyond what may currently be available/possible.

Decisions as to which projects to support are not taken lightly, and involve extensive consultation with management and staff at the WNC, as well as careful consideration by our board of trustees. Where appropriate, we also consult patients and their relatives. However, our objective will always be to support projects that will provide significant improvement to the range of treatments, quality of care, and/or the quality of facilities offered to patients and their relatives.

In addition to our major appeal projects, the Wessex Neurological Centre Trust (WNCT) continually evaluates other opportunities to promote excellence and innovation in neurological care and research. From time to time, smaller projects are identified for which it is desirable for the charity to give its financial support. Such projects may include provision of new equipment for a very specific need, or involve funding important research into neurological conditions and their treatment. In order to provide funding for such projects, the trustees of the WNCT have agreed to 'set aside' up to 10% of funds raised by our major public appeals for this purpose. Details of the projects we fund through this set aside will be provided on the appeal web site.

Further information about the charity can be found throughout this web site, and additional information such as its registered objects, framework and financial accounts can be found on the Charity Commission's web site by clicking the following link.

Charity Commission Listing for Smile4Wessex